Upon speaking with many ‘gatekeepers’ at Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental companies this week I have been met with the usual view of ‘we are happy with

the agencies we use currently’. Whilst I understand the annoyance of someone calling to inform of services provided I also understand the industry and specific requirements for ground investigation permanent roles and contractors. The ‘gate keepers’ rarely do and are actually stunting the growth and prosperity of the company they work for.

A good Engineering Geologist can bring in much more in the way of funds to a company than they would cost the company. This is called business. The costs of paying fees to employ someone is much less than the opportunity cost of having to turn work away or subcontracting it out.

Five reasons for us being the best;

1) Taylor’s Geotechnical Ltd is run entirely by practicing and experienced Engineering Geologists with experience spanning consultancy and contracting within the UK.

2) We interview all of our approved contractors, obtain and follow up on two references and gain all certificates claimed on their CV including academic and H&S qualifications. Candidates that do not pass all three of the requirements do not become part of our trusted Engineers.

3) We have multiple approved Engineers that have never worked through any other agencies so your company can only hire them through us.

4) We are trying to increase the standards of contract Engineers on site throughout the UK. All too often an inappropriate Engineer will arrive on site and this will not be noticed until checking of logs and general work is carried out. The speed of this by the client can mean an expensive mistake once noticed.

5) For permanent placement fees we donate a quarter of the fees to charity. The charity may be nominated by our clients also. If this opportunity is not taken up by our client then we favour donating the funds to a children’s charity.

I hope you agree that our attitude towards our industry and the standards of engineers we provide are second to none?

If you would like to try us out for your next project then get in touch now on info@taylorsgeotechnical.co.uk or 01536 352937